Founded in 2005, The International Center for Intercultural Exchange at Siena (The Siena Center) is an organization based in Siena, Italy and is composed of several distinct units. These units include: Siena Italian Studies, Associazione Culturale Ulisse, Nove Culturae Ventures, LLC, Sardinia Italian Studies and the International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership (IPSL). These organizations share a common mission and work towards promoting intercultural exchange in Italy, the U.S. and around the world. By sharing resources and facilities, the units have combined efforts to create an expanding network that seeks to advance a series of shared principles that include: the development of Intercultural Competence skills, the promotion of Full-Immersion and Service-Learning strategies to develop Reflective Intercultural Competence, as well as research and advocacy in the fields of pedagogy, linguistics and international education.

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Siena Center Programs employ an innovative approach to language instruction and acquisition. This method, FICCS: Full-Immersion, Culture, Content and Service, was created exclusively for participants in our Programs. As outlined in the acronym, the method combines the many aspects of a student's experience abroad to achieve the most effective union of guided and spontaneous language learning.


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