Siena Italian Studies for China


Siena Italian Studies for China program is a new program created within the network of structures formed by Siena Italian Studies and the Associazione Culturale Ulisse, based in Italy, and the Tuscany Arts Consortium and Nove Culturae Ventures, LLC, based in the United States of America on the other hand which pursue several common goals, the main being the promotion of intercultural exchange through education and volunteer activities. Another important goal is the progressive openness to non-western cultures. Siena Italian Studies for China is the first step towards reaching that goal.

It aims at developing a program that using the experience accumulated by the teaching staff of Siena Italian Studies could tailor the characteristics of Chinese students yet sticking to the full-immersion philosophy of the Program. In addition to opening Chinese students to Italian language and culture this program prepares them to one of the recognized Italian proficiency language examination CILS exam (Certificate of Italian Language Proficiency of the University of Siena, Italy) level B1 valid for the enrolment into Italian universities. The duration of the course is 6 months (from March to August) included the submission to the Proficiency language test which is organized especially for our students by a local government Centre for testing the proficiency level of immigrants in the Province of Siena, the Centro Territoriale Permanente (CTP).

Our language and culture classes are also filtered through a intercultural course that aims at mediating between the culture of the student and the Italian one.

Considering the cultural characteristics and needs of the average Chinese student our program offers different typologies of accommodation: in a host family; in a hotel or in an apartment.


For further information please contact:

Ms. Valeria Luo at :

The choice is left up to the student. This is done so to lessen the cultural shock during the immersion process. The latter will be accompanied by various cultural activities (visit to museums; wine or/and cheese tastings; presentations on the cultural characteristics of Siena; etc.)

The Director of the Siena Italian Studies for China is Jules Martin Bella Owona resource person and instructor within the SIS program. Mr Bella Owona is a multi language graduate (French, English and Italian) with a personal background that brought him to travel and experience different cultural realities thus developing a high intercultural competence.

The program's representatives for China are:

Mr. Lu Yue. He holds a degree in Economics from a Chinese's university (Shanghai) and one in Italian language and culture from an Italian University (Siena). He is a perfect mediator for our program.

Ms. Valeria Luo is holder of a degree in Italian language and culture from the Shanghai International Studies University as well as a master degree in International Studies (Trento, Italy). She was collaborated with and worked for Italian institutions, mainly the Italian Institute for Culture in Shanghai and Toscana Promozione. Finally note that we also do offer courses of Italian Language and Culture for shorter periods and with the sole aim of getting a qualification in Italian language.